These pictures were taken during the summer of 2020.
It was a spontaneous shoot with a friend during the last hours of a short trip we took together during the Covid pandemic. Before returning to Berlin we took a short walk and the idea of standing naked in this forest was actually my friends and it was her who took the pictures.
I never thought much about the fact that I was actually naked in those pictures and that this might disturb people around me. I took the pictures down because I wanted to examine for myself how I felt about them and if the claim that they made me vulnerable or that my showing my nakedness was  didn't correlate with the person I am. My first reaction was surprise and then came the thought that maybe they were right and that my vulnerability was also a kind of aggression, towards others, and maybe also towards myself. 
But in my experience, my body and its representation in an artistic context have always been two distinct things. The picture of my body is not me. And thus i never felt threatened by the gaze of strangers or friends, I always felt protected by art. These remarks made me think that maybe I should feel threatened, embarrassed, maybe ashamed?
After taking down the pictures from my website, I felt a certain sadness, but thought it was the right decision, because …. someone close to me thought it was. But then where do I stop? Will I re-consider with the mind of a censor everything I ever made? My insecurities are to many to be counted, should I add another one to the list …?
So, after considering everything well meaning people close to me and close to my heart said about these pictures, I decided that I am fine with them, that I like them and that I feel better showing them then hiding them for reasons that are not mine.
We all inhabit the same planet and still we live in different worlds ... ot so it seems.
How to connect with something that seems lost to us? Does standing naked in a forest make me feel part of it? We are never seperate of nature and yet we treat it as a seperate entity. We see it as something we need to „save“ or we treat it like something we are free to use and abuse. The idea of separation is the same, independent on which side we are standing and it is a problematic one …
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